Sustainable development is not a mere concept of development that utilizes the resources for the consumption of the present generation. It is a concept that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Thus, it is all about preserving the resources for the future generations while making use of them in the present in a sustainable manner. When it comes to the daily lives of humanity, sustainable development is about becoming reliable on the limited means they have, while making the best use of those limited means for the sustainability of the families, communities and countries at large. However, by no means it is a long process. Because the people of this modern era have already got into a culture of immediate solutions and hasty developments. However, the present generations are well aware now about the urgent necessity of getting used to a culture of sustainable development more than ever. Working in line with the necessities of the present epoch, we, JRSS started a new initiative; “Sustainable Development” project in the beginning of 2020. However, the unexpected Covid-19 pandemic crisis sabotaged the initiative and all other activities.

Our sustainable development project contains the following main activities:
1. Promoting home gardening
2. Initiating home based country fowl farming
3. Vavuniya Farm

We motivated the parents and the teachers of the preschool children to become more involved in the home gardening especially during the initial stage of the Covid-19 pandemic in the country. We basically provided the necessities for them to bring forth their efforts. We provided them the seeds, plants and expertize for the further involvement in their initial involvement in gardening. Many families began to utilize their house premises for gardening. At present, those families who made the initiatives in home gardening also have become an ideal to their neighbors while becoming self-sufficient on their own during this pandemic context.

We selected 126 families from 18 villages to support them by providing country chicks in July 2020. Several seminars and sessions were conducted on animal husbandry and maintenance of livestock by us with the support of some professionals.

Based on the field level intervention, we have initiated a farm for cultivation and country fowl project in order to make a greater impact.

Promotion of Sustainable development is obviously a long process in implementing among people. However, we are deeply vigorous to make all, with whom we work self-sustainable in their lives so as to uplift their life status to become self-reliable and self-sufficient in their lives and communities.