Ecology is a term, mostly used in the present context with regard to the discussions on the crises which the mother earth is facing through. Thus the derivation of the Eco-concern was something that emerged in line with these present crises and in the modern world it is basically taken into a greater consideration due to the factors that the whole humanity is going through all around the world. Therefore, it is a major responsibility of ours as humanity to take the initiative in order to carry forth all the possible ways and means to protect our mother Earth from all harm and danger. In that way, the promotion of ‘Eco – Concern” has become an essential component according to the needs of the time in this present era. Hence, making initiatives in line with the signs of time, We, JRSS too got involved in promulgating the concept of Eco-concern in the midst of those with whom we work hand in hand.

In the year 2018 itself JRSS started Green Initiatives with the following activities:

> To help grow more trees, more forests and genuine green initiatives and work towards healing Earth
> To support agro ecological food production practices locally
> To address over-consumption behavior and unsustainable footprints

The organization initiated the process in the preschools itself. We planted different tree plants donated by the Forest Department of Mullaitivu in 60 preschools in 6 districts.

LBR Foundation Manager Mr. V. Premkumar initiates the Green Initiatives programme in Mullaitivu.

Fr. Anton Pieris, SJ, the secretary of the Trustees of the Society of Jesus inaugurates Green School Efforts in Kilinochchi on 26 November 2018. .

Fr. Anton Pieris, SJ, the secretary of the Trustees of the Society of Jesus inaugurates Green School Efforts in Kilinochchi on 26 November 2018

As an ongoing activity, we organized a workshop on Ecology and Social Concern in collaboration with the Loyola Centre for Ecology and Justice (LCEJ), Trincomalee from August 29-31, 2019 for 40 preschool teachers and women community leaders. Mr. A. E. S. Patrick, and Mr. G. Naveendra Kumar senior lecturers from the Department of Bio-Science, Faculty of Applied Science, Vavuniya Campus of the University of Jaffna along with Mr. K.S. Sivanesan, EO-Laboratory, Central Environment Authority, Northern Provincial Office and Fr. Benny, director of JRSS conducted the workshop.

We have formed 20 environment groups consist of youth and children in 20 villages through the trainees to promote

> Being appreciate towards nature
> Being proactive about the threats which destroys the nature
> Planting trees and promoting greenery
> Creating awareness on excessive consumerism
> Promoting sustainable developing ideas through organic agriculture
> Introducing domestic gardening and nutritious food culture
> Conducting shramadana (gift of labour) campaign
> Honoring the activists in environmental protection

JRSS introduced alternative cooking-utilizing the home garden products and reducing ready-made and fast food consumption among the staff and the beneficiaries.

Moreover, this is also an effort to make people understand so as to reduce the amount of money they spend daily for the food; rather buying ready-made stuff for the easy going of the house hold to be creative with the food they consume.

This approach is to lead people to become aware of consuming highly nutritious food than consuming the food with less nutrition.

The international children’s day – 2019 was celebrated in Killinochchi district based on the theme, “concerning about the Mother Earth” .

In the same event, the environmental activists, who are mainly involved in promoting ecology and protection of environment, were also honored for the service they have rendered.

As the constant concern on Mother Earth has greater impacts in the long run, we believe that it is our sole responsibility to make all aware of the value of preserving the resources. Our efforts have never come to an end rather we are engrossed with an enthusiasm in protecting our beloved Earth to the best level we can, moving forward with whom we are working in hand in hand.